single mountains reached
accomplished ascensions
up to
meters (14,957 ft)
Here is the list of mountains I had the pleasure to climb, over 4000 meters

ascensions over 4000

Mountain PeakAltitude [m]CountryGroupWayNoteHow many times?
PUNTA GNIFETTI4559Monte Rosanormal way(from Rif. Mantova - Alagna)1
M.BLANC DU TACUL4248Monte Bianconormal way(from Aguille du Midi)1
CASTORE4221Monte Rosanormal way(from Rif.Guide Val D'Ayas)1
BREITHORN OCCIDENTALE 4165Monte Rosanormal way(from Rif.Guide Val D'Ayas)1
BREITHORN CENTRALE 4160Monte Rosanormal way(from Rif.Guide Val D'Ayas)1
POLLUCE4091Monte Rosanormal way(from Rif.Guide Val D'Ayas)1

Here is the list of mountains I had the pleasure to climb, over 3000 meters

ascensions over 3000

Mountain PeakAltitude [m]CountryGroupWayNoteHow many times?
ARETE DU ROCHEFORT 3870Monte Bianconormal wayfrom Rif. Cosmique1
ARETE DU COSMIQUE3842Monte Bianconormal way1
GROSSGLOCKNER3798Grossglocknernormal wayFailed attempt: bad weather cond. 300m under the top0
WEISSKUGEL/PALLA BIANCA 3738Alpi Venoste normal way (Melago) Failed attempt: bad weather conditions0
CEVEDALE3769Ortles-Cevedalenormal wayfrom Ref. Pizzini1
ZUFALLSPITZEN3757Ortles-Cevedalenormal way from Ref. Larcher1
PIZZO TRESERO 3594Ortles-Cevedalenormal wayfrom Ref. Berni1
HOHER WEISSZINT3373Zillertal Alps normal way1
SCHWARZENSTEIN3368Zillertal Alpsnormal way1
MARMOLADA-Punta Penia3343Dolomitinorthern way2
MARMOLADA-Punta Rocca3309Dolomitivia Finanzieri1
MAGERSTEIN3273Vedrette di Riesnormal way1
ANTELAO3264Dolomitinormal wayon early spring and summer2
RAUHKOFEL/MONTE FUMO DI PREDOI 3251Zillertal Alps SE ridge from Predoi car park1
FERNERKöPFL3249Vedrette di Riesnormal way1
TOFANA DI ROZES 3225Dolomitinormal way 1
CIVETTA3220DolomitiAlleghesi + normal 1
PELMO3168Dolomitinormal way 1
PIZ BOE' 3152Dolomitinormal path from Passo Campolongo 1
CRESTA STRENTA 3124Dolomitinormal path from Passo Campolongo 1
CIMA PASSO ZEBRU' 3110Ortles-Cevedalenormal path1
SCHWARZE WAND 3105Pustertal Alps normal pathdal versante MuhlbachTal 1
MORGENKOFEL3073Zillertal Alps normal path1
CONTURINES3064Dolomitinormal path 1
GR.MOOSSTOCK3059Alpi Pusteresi normal path2
SASSO VERNALE 3058Dolomitinormal path from malga Ciapela1
LAVARELLA3055Dolomitinormal path 1
AHRNERKOPF3054Zillertal Alps normal path 1
GROSS WINDSCHAR 3041Alpi Pusteresinormal path1
CIMA NERA 3037Ortles-Cevedalenormal path 1
LAVARELLA SUD-OVEST 3034Dolomitinormal path 1
DREIECKSPITZ3031Alpi Pusteresinormal path1
CIMA DIECI 3026Dolomitinormal path 1
CIMA OMBRETTA3011Dolomitinormal path from malga Ciapela1
HIRBERNOCK3010Alpi Pusteresi southern side 1
PIZ DA LECH DLACE' 3009Dolomitinormal path from Passo Campolongo 1

Here is the list of mountains I had the pleasure to climb, over 2000 meters

ascensions over 2000

Mountain PeakAltitude [m]CountryGroupWayNoteHow many times?
ALMERHORN2986Anterselva Alpsnormal path1
PISCIADU'2985Dolomitinormal path1
SASSO DELLE NOVE2978Dolomiti di Fanesnormal path1
SASSO PIATTO2958Dolomitinormal path1
LASTRON DEI SCARPERI2957Dolomitinormal path1
SASS PORDOI2952Dolomiti"via Maria"1
FRADUSTA2939Dolomitinormal path1
PIZ DE PUEZ2913Dolomitinormal pathda Selva di val Gardena (Vallelunga)1
VETTA D'ITALIA2912Zillertal Alpsnormal path2
CIAVAL2912Dolomitida vers. Travenanzes1
SASSO DELLA CROCE2911Dolomitinormal path1
PIZ DULEDA2909Dolomitinormal pathda S. Cristina (parcheggio Col Raiser)1
NAPFSPITZ2888Zillertal Alpsnormal pathdal lago di Neves1
PEITLERKOFEL2875Dolomitinormal path1
SCHWARZESPITZ2851Cima Dura / Zillertal Alpsnormal path1
PICCO DI VALLANDRO2836Dolomitinormal path2
ROTE WAND2818Anterselva Alpsnormal pathda Passo Stalle versante austriaco1
CIMA DELLE SCARPE2802Dolomitinormal path1
COL BECHEI2794Dolomitinormal path1
REGELSPITZE2775Anterselva Alpsnormal pathda Passo Stalle versante austriaco1
ROSETTA2743Dolomitinormal path2
STUTENNOCK2737Rieserfernernormal pathfrom Riva1
COL DALA PIERES2729Dolomitinormal pathda Selva di Val Gardena3
PERALBA2694Alpi Carnichenormal path1
CRODA FISCALINA 2677Dolomitinormal path1
SAS CIAMPAC2672Dolomitinormal pathda passo Gardena2
SASSONGHER2665Dolomitinormal path1
CERNERA2657Dolomitinormal path1
LASTONI DI FORMIN2657Dolomitinormal path1
TULLEN2653Dolomitinormal path1
RAUCHKOFEL2653Alpi Pusteresinormal path2
AVERAU2647Dolomitinormal path1
CIR GRANDE2597Dolomitiferrata2
GABLER (PLOSE)2576Dolomitinormal pathda strada passo delle Erbe1
NUVOLAU2574Dolomitinormal path1
SETTSASS2571Dolomitinormal path1
BLAUSPITZ2558Zillertal Alpsnormal path
STEVIA2555Dolomitinormal path2
CIR PICCOLO2520Dolomitiferrata1
SECEDA2519Dolomitinormal pathS.Cristina (Gardena)4
CRODA NEGRA2518Dolomitinormal path1
SPEIKBODEN2517Zillertal Alpsnormal path3
AVANZA2489Alpi Carnichenormal path1
RAMMELSTEIN2480Vedrette di Riesnormal path1
SASSO DI STRIA2477Dolomiti"via Colbertaldo"3
MONDEVAL2455Dolomitinormal path2
TRISTENNöCKL2455Vedrette di Riesferrata1
POJENSPITZ2453Zillertal Alpsnormal path1
LASTRONI2449Alpi Carnichenormal path1
POMA2422Dolomitinormal path2
KREUZKOFEL2420Zillertal Alpsnormal path1
SASSO BIANCO2407Dolomitinormal pathfrom Saviner/Alleghe1
GROSSER NOCK2400Zillertal Alpsnormal path1
OBERSTEINER HOLM2395Alpi Pusteresinormal path2
SUNNKLAR NOCK2390Zillertal Alpsnormal path2
PIC2365Dolomitinormal pathS.Cristina (Gardena)3
SATTELHORN2360Zillertal Alpsnormal pathfrom Steinhaus1
CASTELLAZ2333Dolomitinormal path1
HOCKFELD2296Alpi Pusteresinormal path1
LUTTERKOPF2295Zillertal Alpsnormal path1
SCHöENBERG2278Zillertal Alpsnormal path1
CIAMPINOI2256Val Gardenanormal path1
PUNTA DELLA PUINA2252Dolomitinormal path1
CIMA PALON2232Prealpi - Pasubionormal path2
KLEINER NOCK2227Zillertal Alpsnormal path2
SCHOENWIESKOPF2192Zillertal Alpsnormal path1
MONTE RITE2183Dolomitinormal path4
CROT2169Dolomitinormal path1
COL GUSLON2165Prealpi - Alpagonormal path1
MONTE TUDAIO2140DolomitiEEA path1
MONTE SERVA2133Dolomiti Bellunesinormal path1
KELLERKOPF2124Zillertal Alpsnormal path2
WOLFESKOFEL2050Zillertal Alpsnormal path3